We’ve had a typical country living autumn morning. After doing the usual livestock related chores with Chris, my next job was to pluck a turkey. After that I cleaned out the big chest freezer, all ready to receive autumn’s bounty that’s either currently still on trees or in the ground or running around in blissful ignorance, and all that before elevenses! (Which we have at ten in our house because we get hungry.)

After that we went on a family walk, or at least the 80% of the Daggs that are at home. We went for our favourite mill walk. Here are a few things we saw on the way.

A snail having breakfast.  

autumn walk snail

A suspicious bull.

autumn walk bull

The local lavoir.

autumn walk lavoir

Interesting fungi.

autumn walk fungi

Strange fruit, or possibly nuts.

autumn walk almonds

When we first picked these up from the roadside, we thought they were peaches but noticed they were slightly sticky. So when we got back I investigated further. By now I was pretty sure they were almonds. However, here’s what they’re like inside and the outer case had that very distinctive walnut smell when I opened it.

autumn walk almonds inner

I’ve done a bit of research and my best bet now is that they’re black walnuts.  

We gleaned a rucksack of assorted windfalls on the walk – peaches, mystery objects and four different sorts of apples, mainly for the pigs since they’re all rather bruised but some I shall stew or chutnify. So it was an interesting and fruit-and-nutful morning.