Happy Halloween! We always have a bit of a party, what with our Irish connections. Samhuin was a big celebration for the Celts as it marked the end of summer. It was a last knees-up before the dark and cold of winter. In Creuse we can fully sympathise with that approach!

We had a walk in the sunshine this morning (the last for a while according to the forecast), then after dinner Caiti got busy in the kitchen cooking up some wonderful goodies for us and tonight we all dressed up. Here’s Halloween Dagg style.

This beautiful Sucrine du Berry, an old, local variety of squash …

became this beautiful pie.

Here are witch’s fingers, monster entrails and mini cauldons …

and of course a flayed face …

There was a Star Wars theme to our fancy dress this year (one of films is being shown every Saturday at the moment) so here’s Rors as Darth Maul:

And me as a sort of Princess Leia!

Here’s Caiti as a nearly finished zombie Chewacca doing Chris’s bat face painting:

Benj went for the straightforward but very smart zombie look:

We went trick and treating on the group of anglers who are renting the gite this week and now we’re watching Gremlins on TV and stuffing our faces with scary food.

Pretty much the perfect Halloween.