I have a rather tasty guest post for you today. I happened across Tasty Treats From Home on Twitter. After many years of staying resolutely French in what we consumed (apart from teabags and peanut butter which visitors kept us stocked up in), as you’ll have seen from some recent blogs, I’ve now crumbled and started buying in goods from the UK occasionally. And now I’ve discovered that Taytos and Kimberley biscuits – Ireland’s greatest exports – can be delivered abroad too. Tasty Treasts From Home send out hampers of Irish goodies, hooray.

So – over to an enterprising businesswoman:

A St Patrick's Day special

A St Patrick’s Day special

My name is Sue and I live in a village in Southern Ireland. I’ve lived here with my family for 20 years. The beach is on my doorstep and I love walking my dogs along there everyday. Unfortunately my son had to move to Australia in 2011 to find work. He is now settled down and working hard. He loves the lifestyle and weather over there but misses the goodies he used to enjoy at home. I started my business Tasty Treats From Home when he told me he had difficulty buying the treats he missed at a reasonable price. It probably wasn’t the best time to set up a business but I am a very determined person. (Some may say stubborn!)

When I recieve an order I purchase, pack and send your goodies directly to your address. I have made the process as easy as cost effective as possible. All the prices are fully inclusive, so you have no nasty shocks when you order your box. At one glance you see the full price you pay. I strive to ensure you pay the fairest price by not using fancy packaging to send you your order, therefore you are paying for the contents not the box.

Taytos, the original crisps

Taytos, the original crisps

There is also an extra choice of delivery by courier. This option is more expensive but if you wish for your order to be delivered this way just pay the extra. I have always used standard delivery option before when sending items abroad and will happily do so in the future. We have a selection of small, medium and large boxes to cater all budgets. We also have a giftt wrap section that are ideal gifts for loved ones.

The products I use are all very reputable branded products such as Galaxy, McVities and Haribo. So I can gaurantee the quality of the products I send you. I have tried to include all the favourites you may miss while away from home. If there is something specific you are looking for that is not on my website please contact me through the website listed below. We are currently holding a giveaway on our Facebook so please like us to be included.

The Tea-rific selection - Irishness at its best

The Tea-rific selection – Irishness at its best

Order from www.tastytreatsfromhome.com.

Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tasty-Treats-From-Home/248110755293824

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TastyTreatsFH

Thanks Sue!

And, believe me, if you’ve never had a packet of cheese and onion Taytos, or dunked a Kmberly or Wagon Wheel in your cup of Barry’s tea, seriously guys, you haven’t lived. Do give Tasty Treats a try.