pineapple yogEvery country has its yuk flavour of yogurt – you know, the one no one actually wants but gets anyway in the multipacks that are sold in supermarkets. In Ireland it was rhubarb yogurt. Have you ever tried to get kids to eat that? Here in France it’s pineapple yogurt – yaourt aux ananas. At least it is in this household. Yesterday there were no fewer than seven scorned pots of it languishing forlornly in the fridge.

I’ve been nobly eating it but I have decided enough is enough. I wasn’t cut out to be a heroine. The rest of the family can suffer alongside me from now on and eat their share.

But perhaps we’re the exception since there are a zillion recipes for things to cook using yaourt aux ananas out there – suggesting it’s a handy and appreciated food product. And, unlike cherry yogurt, there isn’t yet a league against it. Seriously, there’s a website Contre Le Yaourt Ceries. Do have a look! Cherry yogurt gets squabbled over in the Dagg household. It was hard to get in Ireland, so perhaps that’s why. Being deprived of it for fourteen years has made it popular in this house! What I really pine for is  hazelnut yogurt though – that was always my favourite and you can’t get it in France :-(

I haven’t had it for a while but chocolate yogurt is another rather naff flavour in my opinion, as is orange. What are your yogurt likes and dislikes?


League against cherry yogurt: