I spent a lot of time browsing in the seed section of gardening shops earlier in the year and picked up some interesting looking things to grow. These included coriander, melons, cucumbers, celeriac and white courgettes. I picked the first of these the other day and Chris used some in a bacon and sour cream sauce for pasta and they had a nice but uncourgettish flavour. They were also physically quite different from ordinary courgettes.

It turns out my white courgettes are custard squash, otherwise known as granny or pattypan squash. It’s a summer squash (thin skin) as opposed to a winter squash (with thick skin, such as pumpkins). It really is a strange looking vegetable. Caiti has christened them as Beyblade courgettes as there is a distinct resemblance.

Custard squash is very good for you with various vitamins and minerals, principally magnesium, and no fat. The younger you eat them the better as they’re nice and tender. We peeled ours the other night but you can eat every part of a summer squash so next time the guinea pigs won’t get a treat. We’ll have the rind instead.

Here are some recipes to try. I imagine we’ll work through them all since my plants are being very productive. Which is good and bad news … we have definitely had too many courgettes and too many pumpkins in the past. But the novelty of custard squash hasn’t worn off – yet!