I’m a knitter. At least I hope I can still call myself one. At one time I could have put it on my passport, I did so much, but of late time for knitting has become a rare luxury. The trouble with being self-employed is that you never get away from work, and when you’re building a new business you have to put a lot of time and effort into it. So less free time. I’ve also become something of a manic book reviewer (check out http://www.booksarecool.com and my Goodreads page) and whilst I can still knit while reading, I can’t while writing so I’ve lost some knitting hours there. And finally, my annoying neck and shoulder injuries have made knitting downright painful. Chris’s jumper should have been finished by now but this is all I’ve done so far!

val day knit

But there’s still enough time for me and other knitters to rattle off a couple of small and silly Valentine’s Day goodies.

Stuffed knitted hearts are always fun, and if you have any to hand, you can add lavendar or pot pourri to the stuffing to add an extra nice touch.

knit hearts

Here are some really tiny ones.

Mug cosies are ompletely pointless but cute. Here’s my favourite one.

And these knitted cupcakes are awesome. (Have you noticed how in the last couple of years you suddenly can’t move for cupcakes?)



To knit one, take your pick from the cupcake patterns here and add one of the tiny hearts to the top.

For the totally obsessed, here’s a whole book about creating cupcakes!

Have a dig around on the internet and you’ll find zillions of free patterns for whimiscal Valentine themed knits.

And yes, I think I do still officially qualify as a knitter. Time to stop blogging and start knitting…