I mentioned Naked Bike Ride Day in passing in a previous post. Well, this weekend saw the first of these naked rides in France. Marseilles has its cyclonudiste event today, and Paris next Saturday (18th June). By my reckoning Nouzerines is about halfway distance-wise between the two, so I should really stage my own on Wednesday, halfway between the two time-wise. However, I’m not convinced that will happen as all three kids will be at home. But I’m not ruling out a mini private event on a child-free day. Seriously. I did my naked gardening after all! And, as a keen, green cyclist, I sympathise very strongly with the idea behind Naked Bike Ride Day which is to demonstrate how vulnerable humans are to vehicle pollution and to dependence on oil, as well as how exposed cyclists are to danger when riding the streets in this day and age. (See my post on cyclists’ rights.) Naked Bike Ride Day is also about promoting body-positive values: living a healthy life in tune with the environment, celebrating the diversity of human bodies and supporting a confident self-image. The participants generally go for bright and silly body painting, balloons and decorations on the bike and there’s a party atmosphere. It’s meant to be fun while making a serious point. And it’s OK to wear some clothing if you’re more comfy that way.

Slogans on placards on bodies are encouraged by the organisers. Here are some of the best ones:

  • Travel light – leave your cars and clothes behind!
  • My energy’s renude.
  • Burn fat not oil!
  • Crude is rude! Don’t be a prude – go nude!
  • Bicycles make cleaner traffic jams!
  • I’m nude, not lewd.
  • Bet you can see me now, driver!
  • Clothes-free and oil-free, but they can’t take my dignity!

Tempted? Still time to head to Paris for the 18th! Here’s the poster for the event, and the website is here.