There’s a great atmosphere in Nouzerines and Boussac. People are definitely excited about the Tour de France passing through tomorrow. I was in the Tourist Office in Boussac very briefly this morning, and Pascale took two calls about it while I was there, and she wasn’t officially open yet! There were piles of crowd barriers around the place, waiting to be put up and lots of signs about traffic and parking restrictions.

This afternoon we’ve just been for a ride around Nouzerines to see how preparations are coming on. First up, there’s a nice big banner about our church restoration at the crossroads.

Outside the Auberge is a rather fancy yellow Tour de France flag.

There are crowd barriers by the church, which someone has decorated with red, white and blue crepe paper flowers.

Up at the junction on the D2, all the road signs have been raised up (and in Nouzerines too – something to do with preventing them causing crashes perhaps?) and a Sylvain Chavanel fan has added his name to the bicycle hanging from the wooden sign.

Further along the D2 towards Tercillat is this smashing hay-bale, cycling shirt and bicycle structure. Isn’t it cool?

We’re looking forward to tomorrow. We’ve picked our spot along the D2 and eyed up a few TDF official bright green arrows that won’t be missed after the race is over. Caiti is making signs to wave and planning a face-painting design to do on us all.

Vive le Tour de France!