The three trigger-happy members of the Dagg household headed off for a session at the shooting club this morning, so I got on my bike armed with a banana to keep me going and my camera – as ever. I wanted to go and see what was going on at eolienne (wind turbine) 3. (There are 9 eoliennes going up in the Boussac area – I blogged about this here.) There had been signs up in Boussac last week saying that convois exceptionelles  (long vehicles) would be going through the town on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. These could only be eolienne parts, surely. And they were. We noticed that intriguing, huge white things had appeared near the sites of eoliennes 6 and 7 when driving past. Time for a closer look.

However, I was in for a disappointment. All there was at eolienne 3 was this.

I mean, it’s very impressive and the site has been nicely landscaped now too, but our local wind turbine is lagging behind the others. We haven’t got the enormous whatever-it-is delivered yet. But we do have these official-looking straw bales.

And this portentous chalk cross on the ground:

Not to mention a keep out sign now, but since I cycled in the back way along a green lane I didn’t see it until too late. Shame.

On my way home, I spotted these two smashing pigs. We plan to get some next year.

Further down the road, there’s a house with some awesome metal sculptures in the garden. I finally got round to taking a photo of them. First the eagle …

… and here’s the owl. Which is your favourite?

It’s astonishing. These wonderful works of art are in the garden of a small country house in the middle of nowhere, and the chances are you’d never notice them from a car.

I carried on towards home, only stopping to take a photo of these very new calves. There’s been a real cow baby boom lately. They seem earlier than normal. I’m sure we usually see the calves in January.

Then back home. I’d been out about an hour and a half, covered maybe 20 kms or so, taken loads of photos and generally had a brilliant and interesting time. And I hadn’t even needed my banana!