A week or so ago we had a walk at Lac St Pardoux in Haute-Vienne, not very far from Limoges. This was to make the most of having to travel down to the city to collect assorted student childen. And needless to say, we threw in some geocaching.

The first cache was in the village of St Pardoux itself, where there is also this lovely old spring.

pardoux spring

Then we stroded out for the lake. There’s a biking route all the way round it, named after a famous cyclist, André Dufraisse.pardoux notice

Lac St Pardoux a super spot.

pardoux lake

It’s a manmade reservoir and here are there you can see the old roads disppearing into the water. The dammed end with the turbine was fascinating. Here’s a great big hole. Down at the bottom you can see the stream of water from the lake gushing through. The noise was incredible.

pardoux big hole

Here’s Chris trying to get a good photo of it.

pardoux wire

There’s no chance of you falling into it, it’s well barricaded off.

pardoux wire end

We walked for two  hours along the lakeside paths through the trees and along this wooden walkway at one point. We only got about a quarter of the way round so we had to turn round and retrace our steps rather than do the full tour. We found a couple of geocaches too. We were a little weary at the end of our outing, but didn’t need this.

pardoux defib

We took a look at the old church

pardoux church

and the covered market

pardoux market

before heading off for our long wait at Limoges Station.