Well, we’re back home after delivering Caiti to Bordeaux. Everything went well – we had all the correct paperwork for the dossier, phew, and we only took a few wrong turns during the driving. The only downside was leaving Caiti behind :-(

But she has a smashing room in her hall of residence. Here’s the view from her window.

The university is a fabulous place. There’s loads going on there and plenty of new bits are being built at the moment. There is so much investment in the future going on down there  in Aquitaine. Caiti will have a brilliant time.

Tired and headachey after the travelling, and tomorrow Rors starts at collège, which he’s excited but a little apprehensive  about. So just uploading these few photos for now and conserving my energy for what the morning of Ruadhri’s big day brings. Benj heads back to Limoges Uni too so it’s a tough time to be a mum! But also rewarding to see how all three of the kids have grown and thrived and are facing all life’s challenges so confidently. Way to go guys!