Today has seen Ruadhri starting at collège and Benj back to university in  Limoges. Rors wasn’t overly enthusiastic about la rentrée but then it’s a bit of a tough week for him, with Caiti and Benj disappearing off the scene, as well as his own big upheaval in beginning secondary school. He doesn’t like change. However, he’ll soon get into the swing of collège life and look happier than he did in this morning’s photo.

Benj is back in the same room he had last year so can expect a few more accidental visits from people looking for the kitchen!

And Caitlin is settling in well. She’s started a blog, Bordeaux Bumpkin, so do please pop over and have a read. It’s great fun. She’s a very entertaining writer. However, as her dad has said, she won’t be a ‘bumpkin’ for much longer but will be an ultra sophisticated Bordelaise student.

So here we are in an empty house again, apart from a couple of cats and Nessie, and the occasional chicken who wanders in. It’s going to take some getting used to … but I think we’ll cope!