Uh oh. Schools are getting demanding these days. Ruadhri brought home the dossier d’inscription for collège (secondary school), which he’ll be starting in September, and apparently Chris and I need to get divorced by 20th June. That wasn’t on my to-do list! I’m really quite fond of my husband of a quarter of a century, and I was rather looking forward to spending the rest of my life with him. But … Rors has to go to school, so we have to split up within the next month. Here’s the evidence:

See? There’s no optionality attached to the demand for the Photocopie de jugement de divorce – no eventuellement beside it or the call for a marriage certificate to be enclosed in its place! This is serious …

Maybe Chris’s glowing nose would be a good enough reason for breaking up?

No, he’s not in training to replace Rudolph. Our lovely friend Annette Smith, who has just been to visit with husband Paul for a spot of fishing, brought us a Lloyd’s Pharmacy Allergy Reliever. Here it is:

It works through dual wavelength photo-therapy (652 and 940 nanometers respectively). One red light wavelength improves blood flow and circulation while the second suppresses the cells that release histamine so reducing the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and inflammation. Chris was sceptical **to start with but after a few sessions of lighting up his nose is starting to notice a difference. Caiti remains unconvinced. She said the machine just made her cry! I think she may have shoved the prongs a bit too far up her nose, poor girl! We’ll have to get her to try again in the hopes that this cunning machine will make her and Chris’s life a little more bearable through the pollen season.