You’ll remember I’ve been bemoaning the lack of an English teacher for Ruadhri’s class for about seven weeks now. Last night was time for the termly parent teacher meetings so I voiced my concern to Rors’ prof principal (form teacher). I mentioned that, obviously, I was English and also that I had a TEFL diploma so that if I could help out at all during the interregnum of professeurs d’anglais – maybe just come in and talk to the kids or teach them some songs or poems or something – well, just say.

Next thing I knew we were halfway to the Directeur’s office! He seemed as enthusiastic about it as the form teacher. We had a good chat and although actual teaching would be out, which I’d guessed anyway, he was very keen on getting a voluntary Club Anglais going. His eyes lit up when I mentioned by assortment of degrees and he asked for my CV to send to the Rectorat. So although I’m not expecting much to happen, a club would be fun. I worked with kids a lot in my authoring days in Ireland when I used to give workshops in schools and libraries all over the country. These began pre-Rors, continued with him first in my tum and then in his playpen, and the last two years when he was at nursery school. I was writer in residence at two primary schools the last year too. I’m never short of ideas so I need to dig out my TEFL stuff and pull some things together in case I’m needed.

And finally – cover reveal time. The first French edition of one of my books is due out in just over a month. And this is what it will look like!

mamie de reve

The granny is so French! I love her. I’d have preferred a slightly less pink cover as it looks rather exclusively girlie and it’s a story boys will enjoy too.

Here’s the original cover from O’Brien Press for comparison.


A very different look, I think you’ll agree. Can’t wait to get my copies!