It’s good to be back. Apologies for the long absence but my old laptop died, the replacement was delayed and it took a day or so to get the new one up and running. I’m struggling with Windows 8, to put it mildly. I’ll be happily working away on a page when suddenly it disappears from sight and a program I’ve never heard of before takes its place! Chris sits and chuckles at the exasperated sighs and mutters that come from my corner of the room as I’m working away.

To catch up – no new animals – still. I can’t believe Spotty Sheep has hung on this long. And Rosie pig is about to burst.

StephClub Anglais, which I’m running, got underway today at College (not sure how to do accents yet on this new keyboard) and the kids seem to have enjoyed it. The hour certainly flew by. I was told there’d be fewer than ten kids, but I’ve ended up with sixteen! It’s rather a big group and I’ll have to plan things slightly differently for the future. But we got by today. I bought this Union Jack t-shirt especially from eBay. I have to say, I felt a little odd wearing it. I don’t really think of myself as English any more, since I left the country 21 years ago. But it’s a cool top! Oh, and I wasn’t wearing wellies at the school either. We’re a little soggy at the farm at the moment.

And back to the blog title. We all know the saying about never looking a gift horse in the mouth. Here’s another animal related one. Never eat your gift camel, because, unfortunately, a young dromedary presented to President Hollande from the Malian government was eaten by the family who were given it to look after while arrangements were made to get the camel into a zoo in France. The Mali government are very embarrassed by the incident and will apparently replace it with a bigger, better looking one. I think they meant the camel, not our president… !

I would have inserted a dromedary photo but I couldn’t work out how to copy one with good old Windows 8. It’s remarkably stressful!