After two years of subscribing to several ‘organise yourself’ type newsletters, I’ve finally given up on them. I’ve become disenchanted with forever being told to have everything for the next day organised the night before (never mind that it keeps you up til midnight!), to multitask to the extent of reading mail while on the loo (an unfortunate mix-up could occur, surely!), to plan a week’s worth of meals in advance, to make sure my laundry room is clutter-free. Laundry room? Hmm. And the answer to most problems apparently is to toss everything into the tumble dryer, without a thought for the planet. Well, my non-existent dryer is in my mythical laundry room, so not much help there. I’m content with my clothes line and indoor drying rack – and, finally, with my less-than-perfectly-organised lifestyle.

I did get one good bit of advice from the organising gurus. That is to touch everything only once. So if you get a document through the post, read it then file it. Don’t shove it on the microwave for a few days, before moving it to the shelf, before putting it back on the microwave, before eventually filing it safely a week or so after getting it. And when you’re tidying up, don’t move things to temporary homes – put it back where it belongs straight away. I try and obey this rule. It’s sensible and means I’m less likely to lose things!

These days are long gone - thank goodness!

Having spent our ten months in Ireland preparing for our big move – decorating the brand new house and packing things, life was extremely muddly. Ruadhri was a normal messy, demanding toddler so I never quite caught up with things. Then we moved over here, from a big beautiful house, to a small farm cottage with one tap and light bulb, so there was a lot of renovating going on for a long while. Chaos – cold, dusty chaos. It was the reaction to that which made me think I should have everything labelled and neatly folded if life was to return to normal. So I tried but failed dismally, which made me even more depressed than the initial mess! And we’ve since moved house again into what was the gite, so more chaos and confusion, which is starting to clear now. But I don’t mind. We know where the important things are (most of them anyway), we’re healthy, we’re happy, we’re warm, our army of animals are loved and well-looked after – so let the dust accumulate and the odd box of unsorted junk linger. I’ll subscribe to some nice knitting newsletters instead!