A shorter than planned blog for today as I was waylaid by a migraine on Thursday, when I should have been busy blogging. Annoyingly I’m a headachey person, but I live in hopes of growing out of them one day!

So, I will just follow the knitting blog week guidelines for today which ask for something a bit different. I’ve gone for a poem.


I’ve been knitting since I was a very small girl,

Mum taught me to knit, how to cast on and purl.

Actually this is my daughter Caiti when she was a little girl - couldn't find a pic of me!

I wasn’t too hot, I kept dropping stitches,

But all these years later I’m over most glitches.

Rug and slippers for Caiti

I knit clothes and accessories, little and big,

Bootees for babies, a cape for a pig,

I meant guinea pig!

Jumpers and hats, countless mittens and snoods,

Leggings and toys. I’ve even knit food!

My favourite yarns are alpaca and llama

Since these days my job is a camelid farmer.

My ultimate aim is to spin my own yarn

From the fluffier animals down on my farm.

There’s only one knitting thing that makes me frown –

I get in a tizz when I knit in the round.

I much prefer using two needles to four

But I’ll persevere, and I’ll get there, I’m sure.

I love to create. I hate simply sitting.

If my hands are free then you’ll find me knitting!


You’ll find my pattern for the guinea-pig cape here and for my knitted knitting needles here! Incidentally, I’m working on a book of knitting patterns. Knitting for Frenchaholics is the working title. I’ll be showcasing some of the items soon.