Ruadhri and I are off to the cinema a little later tonight to see Zarafa, which is the animated story of France’s first giraffe and his human friend Makis. Zarafa is to be delivered to King Charles X of France as a royal gift from Egypt. Hassan, the desert Prince is entrusted with this mission, but Makis is going to do all he can to keep his friend at home, where he belongs. They travel from the Sudan via Alexandria, Marseilles and the Alps on their way to Paris and encounter all sorts of strange animals on the way, and some pirates. It sounds like it will be fun!

1.3 million French people have already seen this film, which was a relatively cheap one, with a budget of 8.6 million euros. I did say relatively! It’s gone down well so, providing I can stay awake, we should have an enjoyable evening.

The films are shown upstairs at Boussac Mairie in what is a sort of mini lecture theatre. It has tiered rows of proper flip up cinema seats and is very modern. It’s a comfy, low key event since there aren’t any distractions in the form of popcorn, ice-creams or fizzy drinks, which is probably just as well. The whole evening will cost us €9 which is very reasonable – €5 for me, the adult, and €4 for child-rate Ruadhri. Our only complaint is that kids’ films are few and far between. This is the only one that’s been on for ages. Rors is obviously too young for anything other than a U certificate, and I’m not up to coping with grown-up films in French yet. So our night out at the cinema is a rather special treat.