Here we are. The day has come. I hit my half century today, 1st August. Wow. It’s definitely a bit scary … I don’t think I like these landmark birthdays! Denial sounds a good plan.

So, five decades clocked up. I have no idea what I did on my tenth birthday but it’s likely I was at Girl Guide camp; I was a student on my twentieth; mum to a nine-month-old on my thirtieth, plus newly moved to Ireland; mum to a just-turned-one-year-old (plus a ten year old and a seven year old), and newly moved again on my fortieth, and now here I am in France, where we’ve been for nearly six years, on my fiftieth. I’ve been variously student, postie, lifeguard, desk editor, wife, sales rep, accountant, mum, freelance editor and indexer, llama wrestler and trekker, gîte runner, lake owner, turkey tamer and ebook editor, roughly in that order! Something of an erratic career path!

We’ve had a nice morning. I’ve had some smashing pressies. Caiti gave me a hardback version of my ebook Heads Above Water that she’d got printed by Isn’t it classy?

I also got a light for my Kindle so that will make bedtime reading easier. My bedside light disappeared a long while ago, probably into the gîte, and somehow I never got round to replacing it. No need any more.

We’ve been on a half century commemoration bike ride and we didn’t let ‘route barrée’ signs spoil things.

Benj is off with mates in Limoges this week but has promised me a pressie on his return. Meantime, I have my chicken house which he finally finished just in time for the big day!

And the fishermen on Alder Lake this week have just given me a big bunch of roses!

Plans for the rest of the day? Swimming, Olympics, some gentle editing and a birthday tea with Caiti’s pizza, Pringles, birthday cake and ice cream. Bliss.