I’m back in Bordeaux. It’s beginning to feel like my second home! And this time I’m staying for three days, my longest holiday in six years. I’ll also be seeing the seaside for the first time in that same period. Caits and I are heading out to the Dune de Pyla tomorrow, which is the largest sand dune in Europe. Anyway, more about that when we get back.

Thank goodness it wasn't this busy when I was on the rocade

I drove down this afternoon after a busy changeover morning in both the gite and the lakes and cabin. I came the longest but simplest way via the autoroutes so I had to leap out of the car three times and run round the front to the ticket machine to get tickets and pay the tolls. That’s the drawback to having a righthand drive car in a lefthand drive country. I did very well until I got to the Bordeaux ringroad, the rocade. I merrily set off it the wrong and long way round to get to Caiti but once I was on it, I wasn’t coming off it until I got to my junction. Mind you, I did get to go over the impressive Pont d’Aquitane suspension bridge so that was nice. I was heading to Pessac at junction 16 but from junction 13 onwards Pessac was mentioned on the signs. However, I held firm and much as I wanted to get off the busy dual/triple/quadruple carriage (remember, I’m from Creuse where you can drive around for days and not meet a single other car on the roads anywhere)  I waited for my turn. I got a bit lost in the final stages of getting to Village II, mainly because I was tired after 5 hours of travelling, but finally pulled into the carpark and Caiti appeared round a corner, hopping on one flip-flopped foot. Don’t ask!

We carried her new lifesupport hardware of microwave and coolbox, together with assorted treasures that had been left behind, extra rations and a lot of books up to her third floor flat. It took us three trips to bring everything, including my stuff. We can now hardly move in Caiti’s room, which I’m sure is smaller than when we left a fortnight ago!

Anyway, it’s great to be here and I’m looking forward to having a couple of days exploring in Bordeaux.