A quick post today to say happy twenty-first birthday for today to Eldest Son, aka Benj. He was at home with us this weekend for some rest and recuperation. Rors was delighted to have his big brother here on the big day so we could have a proper party. Rors is a real party animal. Every Dagg party involves Pringles and ice-cream and Rors is addicted to both of those!

Benj has had a tough few months health wise, which is why Blog in France hasn’t been quite its usual busy, exuberant self for a while. I’ve been a little preoccupied. Anyway, he’s making a slow but steady recoveryand hopefully will be back to normal before too much longer. He’s an amazing young man who’s brought us so much happiness over the years, and of couse worry and heartache, as all kids do! That’s what parenting is all about.

So proud of you, Benj!