Goodness, it’s been a hot birthday this year, but fun. Caiti gave me a birthday pig.


Ok, only temporarily. Runtling – the smallest of Rosie’s ten – was soon back with her brothers and sisters. It’s a good job it was Runtling as I’m not sure I’d have managed a bigger piglet. He’s one hefty little guy for five weeks old!


My real pressies were two lovely and very witty tee-shirts. First here’s Copycat…

birthday tshirt cat

and here’s Alpacapella. (I have alpacas, by the way.)

birthday tshirt alpac

I got some useful editing aids – the Little Oxford Dictionary of Quotations and the Little Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. Caiti also made my favourite goat’s cheese and tomato flan for tea, followed up with a chocolate birthday cake with hot caramel sauce. There were of course also Pringles (well, own brand equivalents) and ice-cream so this was a proper Dagg birthday.

But lovely as this birthday was, I’m no hurry for the next one!