Well, seen everthing now! This is how we found the fishing cabin this morning, after the group of lads that had rented it for a week left. When they arrived it was spotless. Clients are asked to leave the facilities as they found them.

Anyone out there in the hospitality trade will sympathise, I’m sure. It’s a bit of a dog’s life at times. But what can you do? We have to make a living somehow. However, you do expect to be treated with respect.

First up, the sink. I haven’t yet investigated closely enough to discover whether the goo has been predigested.

They couldn't even do their own washing up

Next, the oven.

Table and floor. We provide a broom.

Gas fridge:

Bin we provide to put glass bottles into for recycling:

They were provided with a water container. This is what they did to it. They also ripped the table cloth up.

I don’t think I need to say anything else, do I?