So the youngest Dagg is 13 today. My baby is a teenager (in France, an ado). I feel old!

From a tiny mite of 4 lbs 6 ounces born six weeks early, but who fought his way through those crucial first 48 hours, he’s now a sturdy young man, only a few inches shorter than me.

I couldn’t find the file of the photos we took of him in hospital – I’ve put it somewhere safe, enough said. However, here are a few other photos of him as a little fella.

Here he is at his fifth birthday party, just a few days after we bought Les Fragnes. Yes, the house really was in that state and yes, that is a slug cake.

rors 5th birthday small


He’s always loved swimming.

rors baby swim001

And here he is helping to advertise our llama trekking business in our early years here.

rors llama crop

And finally here he is now, holding his premature baby vest!

rors little vest

Happy birthday, Ruadhri! xxx