Oops, bit of a muddly start to the new term.

There we were at 7.40 am, Rors, Chris and I plus two dogs, waiting for the school bus with varying degrees of eagerness. In fact, there we were at 7.34 am since we always get there early as the bus can be a little erratic in its timekeeping. It isn’t always the same driver and some run ahead of schedule and can be too impatient to wait until the appointed hour.

Anyway, the bus didn’t come so at 8 I went back down the drive to the house to check that we’d got the right day. Yup, the calendrier scolaire for 2015/16 shows that it’s back to school today. So I hopped in the car and drove up to pick up Rors at the gate and carry on to school. It was bustling. I had a quick chat with one of the admin staff, mentioning that the bus hadn’t come. Apparently another bus had been reported AWOL too so it looked like it might have run off with ours. Anyway, I’d delivered Rors safely, if a little grumpily, so I came back home.

Chris was waiting for me, and jumped in the car as I jumped out to go and collect Rors as he’d texted to say he wasn’t due at school until tomorrow. For the first time ever, the first years (6emes) and last years (3emes – Rors’ year) aren’t going back before the other two years. They’re reversed the order! Clearly we missed that memo, and I don’t imagine we’re the only ones. If there’s one thing I’ve learned during nine years living here it’s that the French like tradition. They’re loath to change anything. Hence the ironic saying “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” which is, according to Google, “used to express resigned acknowledgement of the fundamental immutability of human nature and institutions”. Apparent changes actually aren’t i.e. the French don’t like change! So this major rethink on the first day of term and no longer having the new youngsters settling in alongside the experienced senior year – well, it’s quite unnerving and totally unexpected!

So Rors is now back home enjoying an extra day of holiday! We’ll try rentréeing again tomorrow.