Neither Literary Lundi nor a rerun of Llama Lundi for you this lundi (Monday) but Lurgey Lundi. It was the Goons that came up with ‘the dreaded lurgey’ as a type of disease and lurgey has firmly been in the vocabulary since then. And since it’s nicely alliterative, I’ll use it here.

I’ve been laid low with the lurgey for over a week now. Poor Rors suffered for a fortnight and has only gone back to school today after two long weeks of being poorly. It turns out that there’s a flu epidemic in France at the moment, with very high incidence in central France, according to this map. It decided to spread to Les Fragnes.

Google concur that there’s a lot of flu about. Here’s their map, which is based on the number of flu-related search terms being Googled. For some reason, Limousin – our région of France – has no stats for it at all, but no explanation as to why not! Believe me, there are plenty of internet users in this part of France, five of whom live here! And some of those have had flu too.

Anyway, on the mend now so normal blogging service will be resumed as soon as possible.