(In other words, manhandling llamas, meetings, more blogging and magazine organising.)

Well, we got the rest of the herd dealt with today, which was a nice surprise. Plunkett didn’t like having his nails cut at all, but he didn’t even think about spitting at us. Llamas and alpacas will spit merrily at each other all day, but very rarely at people, and never without good cause. They’re awesomely good natured. And nosey. The fact all the girls came up to see what we were doing to Plunkett meant that we were able to grab them one by one to be vaccinated and toenail-trimmed too.

I’ve been busy on my Books Are Cool site, getting some book reviews up and organising the section about my books a little better. I’ve changed the template (OK, I got Chris to do it since that sort of thing is sadly beyond me) and it’s more user-friendly. We still need to change the photo at the top. Pretty as it is, I need something book related.

I had another Nouzerines Comité des Fêtes meeting Saturday night. Being a ‘membre actif’ is rather more active than I thought. However, it’s fascinating to get an insight into French village life. There’s more going in within Nouzerines’ small community than I’d ever imagined! Our first event is a jazz concert this coming Friday. The New Washboard Band is very popular around here.

I’ll be putting chairs out on Friday evening, making a cake to contribute towards the refreshments, and tidying up chairs afterwards. Active enough, I think. The meeting went on for ages. I’d cycled down at 8 o’clock since it was still daylight, but of course it was pitch black when I managed to escape at 10, before things had finished. I only had a feeble back light, but it’s quiet round here, to put it mildly.  However, I wasn’t popular as everyone had been worried about me. Caiti had been up to the gate to look for me. So my teenagers do know I exist after all! That’s nice.

Knitting blog week is over, but the organising blog activities are still ongoing. This week’s challenge from www.orgjunkie.com is to deal with magazine backlogs. I have one of those with a difference. I have hundreds of copies of very old magazines and papers, some of them well over a hundred years old.

Just a very few of the magazines

I can’t throw these out, obviously, but at present they’re languishing and deteriorating in the barn. My best idea is to sort them, sack and label them and move them into a corner of the loft for safer keeping. I hope to use some of them in future blogs as they are a wealth of interest and information.