La Borie flats

Not weather wise, at least not in Creuse, but summer has begun since Benj has broken up. Already! I collected him from Limoges yesterday. It took us seven trips with assorted bags and boxes to the car a good ten minutes’ stagger away, and we’d already brought his bike and some other gear home. I can’t understand where all his stuff has come from! He’s slightly vague too! He’ll have to cut down for next year as we’ll need to do his delivery and collection in one trip, since we’ll have Caiti to get to and from Bordeaux as well. We won’t be popping up and down to Limoges so often.

We left his little flat sparkly clean. I’d taken the vacuum cleaner down with me since Benj reckons the ones the résidences supply are always broken, so our super, industrial grade dust-buster that blasts your ears off had to be hauled in both directions between car and flat too. I normally wear ear-protectors when I use that but I forgot to take them yesterday. My ears are still ringing! There was a wedding or other festivity going on in the dining hall at La Borie. There was a big crowd of elegant and traditionally dressed Franco-African ladies. We certainly gave them something to talk about as we trudged up and down past them weighed down with assorted belongings, dropping the occasional coathanger and sock!

Limoges was surprisingly busy. It’s always been quiet when I’ve been before. Yesterday something was going on the exhibition halls. Benj and I suspected it was a MopFest since everyone seemed to be coming out clutching plastic floor mops! The event itself was Foire de Limousin which is meant to be a festival centred on dance, music and – this being France – gastronomy. I’m not sure where the mops come into any of those three, but they obviously did somewhere.

Our gîte is occupied again. That’s a concrete sign that the holiday season is underway, even if not for us. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks spring-cleaning it from top to bottom and replacing the old and broken gas central heating with electrical heating. It wasn’t cost effective to install a new gas-fuelled boiler. It took us a lot of time and nagging to eventually get a quote out of the one set heating engineers who actually condescended to turn up. We contacted four companies in all. We explained we wanted a low-cost replacement to our broken boiler since this was only holiday accommodation with minimal winter use, but the guy came back with an eye-watering quote for a top of the range, all-singing all-dancing boiler plus an unfeasibly large amount of extra pipework. He seemed slightly aggrieved when we said no, too expensive. We’ve gone for much more economic electric radiators instead.

If only the sun was shining instead of the rain lashing down, then it really would seem like summer!