Daughter Caiti has introduced me to Reddit.com. She took place in a Christmassy exchange and received a box of the most wonderful homemade spicy biscuits.


So I signed up too and took part in the book exchange. I despatched an assortment of ebooks to the person I’d been allocated, which went down very well, and today it was my turn to be at the receiving end. The exchanges run on the Secret Santa principle – you give a gift to someone, and someone else give one to you and so on. You write about yourself in your profile on the site so people get an idea of what you’re about and what you might like

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d get such an amazing book. Someone in Canada sent me this.

peruvian yarns001

What better choice for a llama and alpaca-owning knitaholic.

I LOVE books of knitting patterns and this is full of beautiful designs that I keep drooling over. Once I’ve got a fully functioning shoulder again and can finish off my chunky projects, I shall invest in some appropriate camelid-based yarn and knit something from this gorgeous collection.

What a wonderful gift from a stranger. The whole idea of giving to someone else, being thoughtful and generous, is so inspiring. Too often you only seem to bump into whingers and moaners who try to bring you down. Yet here is a large group of people being nice to each other and giving welcome boosts of the feel good factor.

Do join in the fun at www.reddit.com.