We had a Dymo label maker way back in the late 1960s. Do you remember them? Those clunky hand-held embossers that churned out a thin strip of plastic tape with raised letters on? Me, my brother and sister thought ours was the bees knees and went about labelling everything, including each other.

Given the continued ingenuity of guests in our gite to come up with totally unexpected, and often bizarre, actions involving its fixtures and fittings we felt the need to slap some labels on things, politely asking them to rein in their creativity and, for example, not to take the wall-mounted mirror down, or make sculptures out of the wire coathangers, or modify the plumbing system, or see if the TV remote control will float in the swimming pool. We immediately thought of using Dymo lables. Now, I was pretty sure that Dymos, invented in 1958, must have become extinct so was delighted to find they’re still going strong. They’ve even evolved. The basic plastic label maker is very much the same although the roll of tape now goes in the handle rather than fit on the side, but there are paper and clothes label makers now and versatile machines that do a bit of everything.

dymo computerSo I bought a Dymo on eBay, and when it arrived, well, some things never change. Kids are the same across the generations. Caiti took possession and soon everything had a label, including the dog, the cat, Mum and Dad and so on, including my computer. Whether our labelling will have the desired effect in the gite remains to be seen, but it’s already made one teenager very happy! A Dymo is a girl’s best friend.