It’s surprising what you come across when you go geocaching. For those of you not familiar with the pastime, geocaching is high-tech treasure hunting. Using GPS, anyone can go and hunt for little caches which enthusiasts for the sport like ourselves have hidden in various places. Find out more about it here.

So, here are a few things that we’ve discovered during our last couple of geocaching trips. A long abandoned house in the woods.

A long abandoned mill stone in a stream.

A long abandoned moped in some other woods.

Enough of the long abandoned. These looked quite new. Shoes in a tree!

A tree hit by lightning.

Geocachers Chris and Caiti searching in what turned out to be the wrong place!

A 12th century chapel, St Rémy’s, that I’ll blog about tomorrow. The thunder is rattling the windows at the moment so definitely time to unplug anything electrical. Quick …