I’ve just found out that this week, 28th March to 3rd April, is Knitting and Crochet Blog Week. As a dedicated knitter, I’m ashamed that I missed its beginning.

The idea is that anyone interested will blog about a certain aspect of knitting or crocheting on each day. Today’s theme (Wednesday) is how you keep your collection of wool – yarn stash – tidy. The answer in my case – with difficulty! However, I have recently made a big effort to be tidier. This included my giant spaghetti ball of wool which was threatening to entangle the entire house. So, I sorted my yarns by colour into plastic bags and these went into a large washing basket. Wow. It works! I’ve stayed neat and tidy and can actually find that ball of wool when I need it.

Unknotted knitting wool

Here’s a rather nice knitting photo from a few years ago.

Knitting kitties

The four kittens are all grown up now, and only Treacle, the black and white one on my legs, has stayed with us. She’s also lost her enthusiasm for knitting, which is probably a good thing!

Just a couple more photos. This is one of my favourite projects and one I’m very proud of. The pattern came from Knitting Wildlife by Ruth Herring and Karen Manners, a rather old book now. But the patterns are still wonderful.



Finally, a couple of quotes about knitting from the wonderful Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, who has made a career writing about knitting. Not many people manage that!

“Heirloom” is knitting code for ‘This pattern is so difficult that you would consider death a relief’. At Knit’s End:  Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much

Knitting is a boon for those of us who are easily bored.  I take my knitting everywhere to take the edge off of moments that would otherwise drive me stark raving mad.  At Knit’s End:  Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much

And the really final, anonymous one that is closest to my heart;

I’d rather be stitchin’
than in the kitchen!