Result of the secheresse - our brown lawn

Normally it’s not good to get unexpected letters from the tax office in any country, but today was the exception. We received a letter notifiying us about a dégrèvement we’ve been allocated. Now, as you may know, and certainly anyone living in France does, gréve means strike so I was a little puzzled until I studied the document carefully and looked up to discover that d_é_grèvement means tax relief.

Because of the secheresse, the drought, landowners are getting this relief against the taxe foncière, the bill for which arrived in our mailbox with a very loud thunk just the other week. We’ve been given a small allowance for each parcel of land we own to compensate for the decreased recolte, harvest, we theoretically had. We only use our land for hay, but our taxe foncière is based on us either renting it out or using it ourselves to produce crops on and thus make money. So it seems complicated but fair enough really that we’re getting relief on a harvest we didnt get, but which would have been disappointing if we had, since we’re taxed on its non-disappointing level anyway, even though that’s actually nonexistent. Fiendish, isn’t it!