We’ve had a busy afternoon. Les Belles Mécaniques Dunoises paid us a visit. LBMD is a vintage car club and the drivers and passengers of about 15 wonderful old vehicles turned up to meet our llamas and alpacas.

The cars arriving

The cars arriving

Last night I was industrious preparing alpaca wool keyrings so there’d be one for everyone as a little souvenir.

cars keyrings

Here are a few more of the cars.

cars cream

cars no 23

Aren’t they cool.  More in a moment but a quick shot of my herd next. They behaved beautifully, of course.

cars llamas

Back to the voitures.

cars yellow 2cv

This was my favourite.

This was my favourite.

We were so lucky with the weather. The sun came out at just the right moment.

cars parked

The club gave us a lovely souvenir!

cars plaque

After seeing the pigs and a pleasant chat, the cars were off to the next call on their rally.

cars going