On Ruadhri's wool for the photo

I sorted through the box of unsold shop stock this morning. There’s more than I’d have liked in it. Sadly we’ve found our French customers to be very careful with their money, shall we say! It’s a shame as I’d tracked down some lovely Peruvian trinkets to sell, none of which was expensive. My prices started at 50 cents! I handmade some woolly goods and jewellery too.

However, they shan’t be wasted. I shall do make some im-peru-vements to the gîte with them. First up, the downstairs loo needed a curtain for the tiny window. Well, it didn’t really, since it’s tiny and right in a corner that no-one from outside can see into. But people like their privacy, so it seemed the sensible thing to do to cover it up. I was going to cut up some old lace curtain for it, but then I thought of using the unsold collage instead. It was a little bit short so I added tassles at the bottom, using scraps from my formidable yarn stash. I’m delighted with the end result.





Next up, I shall hang my alpaca wool, alpaca shaped lavender sachet in the wardrobe. (It’s Brendan, our brown alpaca, by the way!)

This legging, again alpaca wool, will become a baguette holder to hang on one of the hooks in the kitchen.

Poor Peruvian villagers make these exquisite little finger puppets. I’ll pop those on pens and put them in a jar on the side in the living room to look cheerful and be useful.

The egg cosies can go in a drawer in case they’re needed.

I’ll leave business cards in a drawer in the llama material credit-card wallet I made.

I’ll hang my silver wire and Peruvian bead jewellery from doorhandles to be pretty.

This little guy can go in the toy box.

What I’ll do with my knit-in-the-round (which nearly killed me!) llama bag, I’m not sure. Maybe a peg bag?

So – recycling and reusing in action, and a bit of home im-peru-vement!