Making vanilla ice-cream

Caiti’s birthday ice-cream maker is proving to be a great success. She’s already on the third batch of ice-cream and she’s only had it 24 hours!

It’s very impressive. It’s a Phillips HR2304 ice-cream maker, to be technical. (What does the HR stand for, one wonders?) It makes 1 litre of ice-cream at a time, perfect for 4-6 people, depending on how greedy you are! The brilliant thing about it is that you only have to freeze the disc, not the whole ice-cream making bowl, which some other types call for. So even if you only have a small freezer, you’ll easily fit this in. (The disc contains a saline, non-toxic solution.) So, you make sure the disc has been frozen for 24 hours, then you slot it into place in the maker, and pour your ingredients into the bowl above it. Turn it on. The machine sets about churning the ice-cream or sorbet very quietly. Between 30 and 50 minutes later, your dessert is ready. Yum.

Here’s the recipe for Caiti’s totally awesome vanilla ice-cream. You can still make it, even if you don’t have an ice-cream maker. (Caiti’s came out a beautiful, rich yellow because of our free-range eggs which are always have vibrant yolks!)


Vanilla ice-cream recipe

2 egg  yolks

1 egg

125g castor sugar

5g vanilla sugar

400 ml whole milk

150ml whipping cream (Caits used fromage blanc which is lower fat)

5g cornflour

Put egg yolks, castor sugar, vanilla sugar and cornflour into bowl. Beat until the mixture is almost white.

Gently heat the milk and add to the egg mixture, beating all the time. Pour into a pan and heat over moderate heat for 1-2 minutes, making sure it doesn’t boil.

Let the ice-cream mixture cool to room temperature then fold the cream in. Pour into the ice-cream maker if you have one. If not, into the freezer in a suitable container, and stir it every hour or so until it freezes.


Caiti insisted on putting 17 candles on!

Caiti is currently making some apple sorbet from apple juice and icing sugar. I’ll tell you how that turned out another time and pass on the recipe if it was good. I’m sure it will be. Talking of good, here’s a photo of the chocolate brownie, meringue and strawberry birthday pudding-cake which Caits invented for us yesterday. I’m trying to get the recipe off her!

I poked fun at the HR in the ice-cream maker’s name. Here’s a link to some unfortunately named products that might make you smile.

Another wonderful recipe from Caitlin is for cherry clafoutis.



Daily snippets for 19 April

Today’s Saint: St Emma. Emma was a Countess who was very generous to the Church in and around Bremen in the tenth century.

Famous French person born on this day: Louis Amédée Eugène Achard (19 April 1814 – 25 March 1875) was a prolific French, cloak-and-dagger novelist

Famous French person who died on this day: Pierre Curie, physicist and Nobel prize winner

Today’s word: sorbetière – ice-cream maker