I was off to another meeting of an asso on Sunday afternoon. You may remember from my post about the AIPB that I was looking forward to getting more involved in the community, now that we have some time and a lot more energy to devote to matters outside our home and business. This time it was the Nouzerines Comité des Fêtes that was making plans for the year and in which I wanted to be involved.

A scene from last year's fete organised by the CDF

For a small community, around 250 residents, Nouzerines is an active little place. It has the hunters’ club, the elderly persons’ club, the rebuild-the-church club (Patrimoine Nouzerines) and the Comité des Fêtes (CDF). And each club organises several events every year. This being France, many of these are food-based! Patrimoine Nouzerines, new as it is, is starting to give the CDF a run for its money. This year it has already had a chicken dinner (which Chris and I were going to go to, but the night before, we found out Ruadhri hadn’t passed on our request for tickets to his friend at school to give to his mum!) and another foodie event, but I completely forget what. PN has concerts coming up, a curry night (Chris will be cooking that, together with another Chris) and at least one more gastronomical knees-up. The Comité des Fêtes has also already had one night of eating (choucroute, which just doesn’t appeal to me, I ‘m afraid) and is planning another one later in the year. A jazz night is coming up imminently. There’s to be a weekend exposition of the handiwork of local artisans and creative amateurs in May. (I might submit some of my better knitting, if my nerve holds.) June sees the Nouzerines Fête which is a day and a half of organised fun. The new thing this year is an international relay race for teams of five involving potatoes! More details when I have them! On July 9th the Tour de France hits town – OK, zooms through the village at high speed, but the festivities will go on all day. Someone at the meeting suggested that Nouzerines should declare itself to be an independent republic for the duration of the passage of the race through the village ie appoint its own leader (most likely the Maire), raise its own flag, refuse to pay taxes and, if it so wishes, declare war on neighbouring Bussière St Georges! All this sounded like a great idea to me, but there were a few frowns of disapproval, so whether or not the commune will rebel remains to be seen. (We wouldn’t be the first to want to set up our own nation state. See this website about how to  do it!)

Once law and order is restored, the CDF will be organising a trip in September to Vierzon and possibly Morocco. Why not be ambitious? I’m pretty sure something was lined up for November (I think my concentration wandered for a moment there) and there will be the annual Christmas Market in December, always a busy and festive event. I’ve volunteered to be a ‘membre actif’. Madame Présidente was looking for three new committee members, but I studied my shoes intently at the right moment and so avoided her catching my eye. I’m already on the school parents’ committee and AIPB’s Battle of the Bands committee, as well as being a proactive member of Patrimoine Nouzerines, and I think that is enough for the time being. French committee meetings tend to be long and I’m no night owl!

So, lots lined up for Nouzerines. But it’s the declaration independence which will be the most exciting! Hope they don’t send the troops in …