You may be an ex-pat, but you know you’re as French as you’ll ever be when:

  1. It no longer even occurs to you to go shopping at lunchtime.

You dunk your croissant in your coffee.</li> 

  * You shrug at least ten times during every conversation.
  * You blame everything on Parisians.
  * You actually enjoy French television programmes.
  * You wouldn’t dream of coming back from the shops without a baguette and a tub of fromage blanc.
  * You arrive everywhere half an hour late.
  * You sing along to Jonny Halliday records.
  * You no longer hanker after Heinz salad cream or McVitie’s digestives.
  * You know the names of a good few of France&#8217;s 629 different types of cheese.</ol> 

Any more suggestions?

**Daily snippets for 28 April:**

Today&#8217;s Saint: St Valerie, martyred in the second century

Famous French person born this day: in 1912, Odette Sansome Hallowes, French resistance worker

Famous French person who died this day: Peter Chanel, missionary and martyr

Today&#8217;s French word: _patriotique_ &#8211; patriotic

Today&#8217;s expression: _les grands esprits se recontrent_ &#8211; great minds think alike


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