Caiti painting her own face first!

It was the AIPB summer fête Sunday afternoon. Caiti was in charge of face painting and I was keeping an eye on the turkey, hen and guinea pigs we’d brought along as a mini pets corner. Limpy, the hen, behaved atrociously. She kept beating up the turkey when they were in the run together, so she had to put back in her box. The guinea pigs didn’t really enter into the spirit of the thing either. They huddled up in a heap in their cage, so we got a couple of them out at a time for people to stroke if they wanted.

Caiti was in her element. She didn’t get a lot of customers sadly. The fête had a steady stream of visitors but numbers were rather thin this year. We were competing against Wimbledon men’s final, the Tour de France and a big loto at the Salle Polyvalante in Boussac. This time of year there are lots of things happening every weekend. My personal feeling is that we should move to earlier in the year, maybe May. There’s less competition and during term time people seem to make more effort to go out at weekends. Things tend to fall apart during the holidays in France.  Caiti rattled off a host of beautiful butterflies, a pack of ferocious tigers and one lone dog. They were excellent. She’s a very artistic young lady.

Souvenir performing

The fête was fun. People had put a lot of work into the stalls. There was hoop-la, a tombola, guess the weight of the cake, duck hooking, name the monkey, how many sweets in the jar – all the good old favourites of an English summer fête. There were stalls, food and a bar, and donkey rides. And excellent music from some drummers and the local group Souvenir. It deserved lots more support. But everyone who was there had a great time, which is what it’s all about.