Bad luck if you’re struggling to learn French. There are even more words to learn than ever now! The 2012 edition of the Larousse dictionary has 32 more pages of words than the last one.

Here are some of them:

Astromobile (buggy for travel on another planet); Papy-boomeur (baby boomer); Conspirationniste (conspiracy theorist); DivX (type of digital compression); Microblog (constantly updated blog); télécrochet (reality TV programme with a contest and a jury); Cross-média (multi-media campaign); Kiffer (to dig as in really like something): Twitter, Streaming and Lol you should know, and also Kéké (faire le kéké means to show off).

Of course some words are withdrawn. This year the verb magnétoscoper (to video-record) is one of the obsolete ones being taken out of circulation. However, it’s rare for words to be taken away. Even if they’re not used any more, people come across them in works of literature of the period for example and need to look them up in the dictionary to find out what they mean. But evidently magnétoscoper is well past its sell-by date.