It’s Pièces Jaunes time of year again. Ruadhri’s tirelire (moneybox) arrived in the post yesterday, the day the project launched this year, with his Mon Quotidien. We’ll all put our annoying bits of change into it over the next few weeks and turn it in to the post office before 12th February, which is when the exercise ends. The money collected will go to charity.

Assembling the money box is usually quite tricky but we'll get stuck in soon

Assembling the money box is usually quite tricky but we’ll get stuck in soon

So it seems rather odd to have this collection running at the same time as les soldes (the sales). These also began yesterday and will run until 16th February. On the one hand we’re being asked to put some spare cash towards charitable purposes, while on the other we’re being screamed at by adverts to rush to the shops and buy bargains we don’t need. It’s estimated that we’ll spend about €250 each this year on sales items. I don’t think we’ll be joining in – I can’t think of anything we need. It’s the hunkering down season anyway so I don’t even feel tempted to head off to somewhere bigger than Boussac to search for stuff to buy.

What will you be doing – spending or saving over the next few weeks?