It’s official – writing is good for you. Well, it seems to be good for me, anyway.

Last week Chris and I made a fortunately rare visit to the doctor’s. It was time for a bit of medical prodding and poking to make sure this, that and the other are still functioning, despite being 50+ years old now. Possibly it was the result of a busier than usual week, or simply the loooonnng wait in the appropriately named waiting room (nearly two hours) but we both registered with high blood pressure. So we were issued with a blood pressure monitor and sent away to do some self-testing, three times each morning and evening for three days.

We dutifully did the necessary tests, and each time my lowest readings were just after I’d been writing for an hour. Buoyed by news that two of my O’Brien Press books, Anna’s Secret Granny and The Big Brother, are being used by K-Learning to teach English in Korea, I’ve got the bit between my teeth with my various literary projects at the moment, and I’m determined to keep the momentum up. Not only is it satisfying mentally to write but for me it has physical benefits too.

New Editions

As it turns out, Chris and I are fine blood-pressure-wise. Our home readings were much lower than the ones at the surgery so all is well. And that’s lucky since the main recommendations for lowering blood pressure are losing weight and doing more exercise, neither of which would be very easy. Here on the farm we regularly clock up 20,000+ paces a day, and I’m already skinny enough!

However, there are a few sensible precautions to take to keep the old heart and veins in good nick and we’ll be doing that. Partaking of very dark chocolate and a drop of red wine are reckoned to be helpful, as well as easy to force down, and it’s a good idea to cut down on salt and stress. The latter isn’t always easy to control, and whilst pet ownership is linked to lowering blood pressure, the same doesn’t necessary apply to custodianship of farm animals and children, both of which are to be found here at Les Fragnes!

But I’ll be okay so long as I keep busy on the keyboard.