We’ve been cooped up for too long with the wretched flu and its aftermath, so it was wonderful today to finally get out for an outing. We were suffering from geocaching withdrawal so Chris tracked us down a nice trail of 10 caches in a forest near Montluçon – the Route Forestière d’Estivareilles to be precise.

Forest sign

It was a lovely forest, and even though we’ve been to Montluçon a thousand times, we had no idea it was so close to the city. I saw my first wood anenomes of the year. I love these flowers.

Wooden enemies

The trail was enjoyable. We started off really well and got the first seven caches without too much searching around. We weren’t as rusty as we feared. But then things got sticky. We couldn’t find the next two – we had to put those down as DNFs (did not finds). Even with Tobi’s help.

photo montlu geo looking Looking for a geocache

There are always interesting things to see when you’re geocaching, natural and otherwise. Today’s fun thing was this shot-up sign. Or maybe not so fun, since there were some big-bore shots being fired through that towards a nearby road…

Forest shot sign

It was quite a noisy walk. The tail end of Storm Katie was blowing through and there was a lot of creaking and groaning branches but it was invigorating and definitely blew our cobwebs away.