##Com-Com Compost

We have three new compost bins at the bargain price of €20 each, thanks to a subsidy from Com-Com. Com-Com is short for the Communauté de Communes du Pays du Boussac. http://www.cc-paysdeboussac.fr/ This intercommunal administrative set-up for the fifteen communes in and around Boussac was founded in 1992. Don’t ask me exactly what they do because I have to confess I’m not entirely sure. They’re another of those mysterious bureaucratic bodies which abound in France. Up to now I haven’t been overly impressed with them because a couple of years ago they built themselves a very swanky new building on what had been a green field near the Etang de Montet. Creuse is the département of abandoned old buildings, due to its continuing depopulation, so I can’t help thinking there were some pre-built buildings they could have converted instead. The building may have a grass-growing roof, but that doesn’t compensate for the row of trees behind it that got chopped down for who knows what reason. Most of the wood was burned on the spot. At the very least I would have thought they could have chopped it up and distributed to senior citizens for their wood stoves rather than waste this resource. Pfft.

Anyway, we get a newsletter from the Com-Com every now and again and in the latest one was the invitation to avail of subsidised compost bins. We were told we’d get more info soon, and sure enough, a flyer was left in the mailbox a couple of weeks ago extolling the virtues of composting in general and these compost bins in particular. We could order up to three per household, so that’s what I duly did and on Thursday we went into Boussac to collect them. Both Chris and I had been slightly concerned as to whether we’d get all three in the boot in one go. But our ageing yet on the whole reliable Grand Scenic has housed pairs of alpacas and families of pigs, not to mention mattresses, ovens, fridges and so on, so we were quietly optimistic. But it was still a relief to discover that the compost bins came flat packed. We could have got some livestock in with them, no problem.

###comcom bins in car Bins in the car
They’re very roomy, come with a caddie with a handle so you can easily take all your material for composting out to the bin, and they have a handy stirrer to keep the matter aerated. And a lockable lid.

###comcom bin lock Lockable lid
They were easy to assemble we’re very pleased with them. The Com-Com have now risen a good bit in my estimation. I think I got a bit carried away when I ordered three since we already have a couple of wormeries and don’t produce a lot of composting material other than teabags and coffee grounds since the various critters of Les Fragnes get any food leftovers. However, we do need a constant supply of fresh compost for our polytunnel and raised beds so we can chuck some chicken, guinea pig and llama manure into the bins to get it rotting down for future vegetable growing.

###where’s yer bin? Where's yer bin?