##Mayday, Mayday

The rain is pounding on the window and the wind is howling. It’s hard to think it’s been to be 1 May tomorrow. It really has been a very strange spring. It’s been cold, then a little bit warmer, then a lot colder, and doesn’t show any signs of wanting to be truly springlike. The trees are running late, a good fortnight to 3 weeks we reckon, although the animals are pretty much on time. The swallows appeared at the very beginning of April as usual, and we’ve heard cuckoos and hoopoes too. As for some of our farm animals, we’ve had our lamb and, on Friday morning, a litter of piglets. It just seems to be the weather that isn’t keeping up with everything else.


It seems as though it rains every Saturday at the moment. That’s changeover day so the outgoing anglers are having to pack up their tents in the rain and incoming ones are having to set up their tents in the damp. That’s not much fun. However, weather that’s not great for anglers is often good for angling. I think our fishermen are happy to exchange soggy tents for super fish on the bank. It has been a bit slow going for some of our anglers, what with the cold temperatures, but the fish are active now and the number of catches are going up. And a couple of days ago Gareth caught the biggest fish of the year so far at 51 pounds.

Gareth with 51lb carp

On a slight change of subject I’m having fun. I’m dictating this blog. As many authors will sympathise, it seems to be an ever increasing battle to make the time for writing. As you might know I’m writing the sequel to ‘Heads Above Water’ as well as working on a couple of fictional projects. With the farm and the family and the anglers and the meals packages and the editing business plus one or two hobbies time just seems to vanish. I read that voice recognition software can speed up your writing by three times. So I’ve invested in Dragon NaturallySpeaking and trying it out. I’m very impressed. The only thing that’s tripped it up so far in this blog is the 51 pounds bit: it was determined to turn that into a price! So there should be no stopping me now. I have got to adjust a little bit. Usually I think as I write, now I got to think as I speak, and we all know that speaking without thinking is quite easy to do :-) Wow, it actually did :-) when I said “smiley face”. I think I’m going to have fun with my Dragon! And back to May again. I finally managed to grow some Lily of the Valley. This flower is associated with 1 May here in France. Anyone and everyone can go out and sell sprigs of muguet, if they feel so inclined, without all the usual welter of paperwork you’d expect from this country. But I shan’t be selling mine – I only have four little plants. I’m pretty sure they were meant to be a giant variety but I can’t remember what I ordered now! Anyway, they’re very pretty and seasonal. They’re a good luck charm so may I wish you a happy and lucky May.

Lilly of the Valley