##Catching up

My blogging mojo abandoned me for a while there – that, and I always forget how busy and tiring (in a nice way) summer is. There’s gardening and extra animal watering to add to all the usuals of daily family and business life, and not forgetting obligatory cycling and swimming. We just have to make the time for those when the weather’s good.

So let’s have a quick catch-up.

The school holidays are into their third week. Rors has finished at college. The photo shows him heading up our drive to the school bus for the last time. He’s passed his brevet with a ‘mention bien’, the second highest grade, so we’re all very chuffed about that. He will be starting at lycée in Guéret. He’s opted for Lycée Jean Favard, rather than Pierre Bourdan which is where his brother and sister went. He’ll be doing a science BAC with biotechnologies as a speciality. He’s looking forward to lycée but with a little trepidation as he’ll be boarding Monday to Friday, although probably coming home on Wednesday afternoons for the first half term until he settles in fully.

Last bus to college

Caiti has finished at Bordeaux Uni. We had a farewell visit to the zoo when I went to collect her. We went there in December the last time and it was, as you’d expect, very cold. This time it was decidedly warmer and much busier. We saw the parrot show and got to feed nectar to the lorikeets, definitely the highlight of the trip for me.


The next best feature of the trip was managing to get her fridge in the car. I’d been quite worried about that but it slotted in no problem. It was also considerably easier carrying the fridge down three flights of stairs than in the opposite direction in a large cardboard box when we bought it in September! Caiti is considering her options at the moment and would like to do some travelling. I think she’s still unpacking from Bordeaux at the moment though!

All packed up

Benj passed all his second year exams at Limoges Uni and will be back there in September. He’s been doing some English language teaching for the department too, which he’s really enjoyed. He’s spending the holidays flexing his muscles wrestling llamas and sheep (for shearing purposes) and helping with the heavier jobs around the farm, interspersed with the odd trip or to back to civilisation – from his point of view - in the city to stay with friends.


Animal-wise we have most of the usual culprits plus a new swarm of young turkeys and hens, a very sweet Silkie chicken and just this morning our first duckling hatched. All the ten Berkshire piglets have new homes, one just down the road and the others a lot further afield near the Pyrenees.


We’ve had some ridiculously wet weather and then some ridiculously hot weather, but now it’s settled into pleasant, hot summer mode. The hay is cut and baled and the farm looks at its nicest now, I think. So, enough time at the computer, I must go and out and pick the cherries now. Both the turkeys and Fionn, the huarizo, have discovered them, and that’s not on! I’m fond of my turkeys, especially Pilgrim, but scoffing my soft fruit could lead to a falling out…

Pilgrim and me