It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person in possession of an empty bird cage must be in need of more birds. I asked Father Christmas for a new, larger cage for my canaries, and he very kindly obliged with a special early delivery. Sidney and Mrs McIver now have a magnificent new home. They’ve settled in very happily.

new canary cage

I’d earmarked their now-empty ex-cage for a couple of my finches, who currently have an adequate but smaller home, but they’ve been gazumped. Tarquin and Talulah have taken up residence there. And who are they?

Well, last weekend Chris, Rors and I went to the Boussac Expo Avicole aka Chicken Fest. There was a fantastic array of wonderful chickens, ducks, geese, quail and pheasants, not to mention pigeons and rabbits.

Boussac chicken fest

And there was someone there selling exotic birds, including inseparables - lovebirds. There was one couple of vibrant blue Fischer lovebirds. Rors and I were captivated at once. I’d certainly never seen such beautifully-coloured birds. Aided and abetted by my two companions, and encouraged by the bargain price, I succumbed to temptation. Tarquin and Talulah have now joined my little flock.

Tarquin and Talulah

Lovebirds are the smallest members of the parrot family. They’re sociable, affectionate birds, very agile and intelligent. My two are certianly very athletic, spending a lot of time upside down! They’re still settling in, something which may take a few weeks. I’ve given them a variety of perches, which they’re now using after a few days of clinging to the bars of the cage. They have a colourful wood and rope toy to chew and play on too but they’re still studiously ignoring it! However, they’re becoming a little braver every day, and noisier!

Tarquin and Talulah

So I’ve very well birded at the moment with my two canaries, three budgies, two lovebirds, ten finches, one Japanese quail and a truckload of poultry. I don’t think there’ll be any more empty cages for quite a while now.

Tarquin and Talulah