My blogging mojo deserted me for a while for a whole variety of reasons, but I’m now back in business.

We’ve been doing plenty since my last blog – our usual geocaching when time allows, moving eldest son out of his flat prior to his moving to England, jobs round the farm, and so on. I finished and published my latest novel ‘A Christmas Hamster’. And of course there’s been Christmas itself.

Anyway, yesterday Benjamin needed dropping off in Guéret, so Chris and I took advantage of that to find an earth cache at the nearby Puy de Gaudy. Earth caches are a little different from ordinary geocaches, which consist of a small physical object to find in the form of a container of some sort,complete with log book to sign. The idea of an earth cache, however, is to bring you to a point of geological interest. It’s a virtual geocache in a fascinating spot.

We’ve been on the Puy de Gaudy before. This 651-metre mountain (UK definition of a mountain is any summit over 610 metres) was inhabited continuously between the Neolthic period and the Middle Ages. The population dispersed after that, but have left traces behind. Our walk took us past a medieval font at Haut Bains.

***photos: puygaudy font1 and puy gaudy fontsign

The earth cache revealed to us the mirror fault that divides the Monts de Guéret completely in two. I’d always thought they were a continuous range of sizeable hills, but they’re not. They come in two chunks with a gap of flat land between them. This flat valley experiences a micro-climate that makes Sainte-Feyre famous for its tomatoes apparently! On one side is the Massif de Chabrières, and on the other is Gaudy. They were part of the same mass, the Massif de Maupuy, until the end of the tertiary era, some 50-65 million years before the present day, when the fault formed as a result of tectonic plate movements.

This photo isn’t great because of all the lovely trees, but you can just about see a valley and then the Massif de Chabrières beyond it.

***puygaudy earthcache fault

We passed a couple more interesting sights on our way before returning to the car and finishing our morning with some mundane but necessary shopping. Geocaching is much more fun!

***photo: puygaudy millwheel

***photo: puygaudy font thing