This week is party week. It got off to a good start on Saturday with World Naked Gardening Day that I always participate in. It’s all about feeling close to nature and engendering a healthy attitude to bodies and the natural environment. Plus it’s a bit of fun.  It was nice and warm this year for a change! I posted my cheeky pic on Facebook this year.

We’ve got two public holidays in a row, which is a first in the seven years we’ve been here. We have VE day on Wednesday 8 May and Ascension on 9 May. I’m guessing it doesn’t happen too often. Needless to say all schools and many businesses will be ‘making the bridge’ (faire le pont i.e. extending the weekend) and staying closed on Friday too. And Friday is already going to be a good day because my first book in French, La Mamie de Reve, is published! Plus we have to fit in a belated birthday party for Caitlin somewhere too – our traditional pizza-pringles-cake-and-ice-cream fest. And who knows, maybe our long awaited lamb/s and piglets will decide to arrive this week too!

There are plenty of fetes going on this week. If there’s a special occasion like two jours feriés in the same week, then you can be sure the French will celebrate it. They do love to let their hair down at any excuse.

Nature’s celebrating at the moment too. Finally it really seems to be spring. The trees are bursting into leaf and there are flowers everywhere. The bluebells are in full force and so are these lovely orchids. They’re orchis mascula, the early purple orchid. I think they’re beautiful.


The cicadas have started their chirping, our nightjar is back and in fine voice and there are skylarks hovering over the fields.

Yeah, spring rocks!