The day before the kids went back to school, Black Monday as far as they were concerned, we went off to a spot of geocaching in Préveranges, a large village about 20 km away in the département of Cher. Chris, Rors and I went to the pumpkin fair there back at the end of October.

Anyway, we parked on the outskirts of the village and walked all the way through it. Préveranges is a very spread out settlement. I was surprised to discover that it has a population of only around 770. You’d think it was much larger to see the place. It’s well served with a dentist, pharmacie, assortment of bars, a general store, a couple of garages and a hotel. A joyful one at that.

And it once had a magnetiseur. We passed by the abandoned shopfront. Can you guess what a magnetiseur is? Not someone who makes magnets, but a healer. And to think there was one in this, old-fashioned part of the world. I’d have thought a healer was far too new-fangled and trendy an idea.

There were a lot of Christmas trees in the village – a veritable forest, festooning and often blocking the pavements. Each one was decorated with shiny metallic paper bows and tinsel. Someone had been to a lot of trouble to annoy pedestrians in such a festive manner.

We passed a garage that specialises in renovating classic vehicles, some of them clearly in need of a lot of attention!

Then we went by this intriguing wooden cross, which has hundreds of small wooden crosses nailed to it. I’m intrigued by this but haven’t yet been able to turn up any information about it.  Now, one of the pilgrim routes of St Jacques Compostella passes close by to Préveranges, maybe even through it, so perhaps this was a point on the way? This is only a suggestion – I have more research to do.

Passing by this pterosaur,

we came to another park. We’d left the car by one. It seems very greedy to have two parks in a village! They’re both big and very well maintained. Cher definitely has a lot more money than Creuse, where even a town the size of Boussac only has a couple of pocket handkerchiefs of greenery for kids to play in. We walked round the lake, then headed for home. Along the way Ruadhri found his first geocache, all on his own! Well done Rors. It was a good way to finish the holidays.